Epoxy coating the floor of a room or garage has many benefits. If your floor is uncoated and has been left open to damage, epoxy can shield your floor from any further damage, bringing a level of both creative and professional refinement that it may be lacking.


Whether you need to refurbish outdated flooring or seal your concrete surface, epoxy floor coating can transform your space while fortifying your flooring. This floor coating is surprisingly useful for preserving concrete surfaces and protecting against harsh impacts — all while showcasing a glossy finish.

Coating the floor of a room or garage has many benefits. Epoxy floor coating is resilient and seals your floor, bringing safety and beauty to any well-trafficked area. If your floor is uncoated and has been left open to damage, epoxy can shield your floor from any further damage, bringing a level of both creative and professional refinement that it may be lacking.

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating is made of epoxide resin, polyamine hardener and other additives. When not used as a floor coating, it is often used as an adhesive. As it is mixed, it forms a chemical reaction that gives your floor distinct qualities. One of the most important qualities that this chemical reaction produces is new stability endurance to the surface. This process seals and cures the surface it is applied to, forming a firm bond. Check out the advantages of epoxy floor coatings to determine if this is the right choice for your space.

1. Appearance and Covering Defects

Epoxy floor coatings transform spaces into complete and sleek areas. Whether it's your garage floor, flooring within your home or the floors in your business that needs sprucing up, an epoxy coating will produce an elegant look. The shiny surface complements any decorative lighting you have in place. As light bounces off the epoxy, the space will gain a new dimension.

Epoxy also covers previous defects your garage floor may have sustained.

Have fun with it!

Epoxy offers several designs and color options to outfit your garage or room in the right tones as well.  To hide imperfections even more thoroughly, choose epoxy paint, which mixes the durable substance into the paint color of your choice for a masking effect.

Decorative chips of mica or quartz can be added to the epoxy mixture for a speckled look that also adds better traction. This style adds an intensity and extra pieces to catch light and glimmer. Metallic epoxy coatings are also captivating options to increase this polished ambiance. You can dress up practical rooms without sacrificing convenience with an epoxy floor finish.

2. Cost Effective

Epoxy is an affordable option compared to current flooring removal, the purchase of new tile or vinyl and additional installation costs. Revamping your flooring does not have to include overly expensive and involved processes if you opt for an epoxy finish. Retain your current floor and save on installation while gaining a smooth and bright new look!  Professional installation is a worthwhile investment because the length of time that the flooring stays intact makes this an efficient choice. Allowing the experts at Fresh Touch Custom Painting to complete this process will be the most cost-effective option.

3. Resistance

Fortify your basement, laundry room or garage with an epoxy coating, because it can block harmful elements that are sure to encroach on high-traffic spaces. Epoxy features many kinds of resistance which add to its reputation as a hardy flooring method. It bears the brunt of heavy shock, heat, chemicals and water. It’s perfect for garages since cars can emit many corrosive chemicals.

4. Strength

Epoxy can not only handle impacts and shocks, but it can also withstand substantial weight. The tensile strength of epoxy sets it apart among adhesives, but as a coating, epoxy remains a sturdy covering. Adding epoxy to concrete can enhance its ability to hold weight.  The strength of the epoxy is also present in its ability to keep from peeling and tearing.  As a kind of resin, epoxy is sturdy even though it looks like glass or a breakable veneer and is surprisingly strong and durable. This is a game changer when it comes to securing your floors.

7. Ease of Maintenance

Another advantage of epoxy is its simple upkeep. By covering the concrete, there is a reduction of dust and cement particles released onto other surfaces in your room or garage. Unlike a plain concrete floor that is coarse but brittle, you can easily sweep and maintain the shiny and resilient surface of epoxy. Dust becomes less of a nuisance when the primary source of residual concrete is contained.

9. Compatible with Vehicles

Garage floor epoxy fits vehicle needs, as well. It keeps vehicles and their tires in top shape with its uniform surface. Epoxy’s ability to hold significant weight also makes it a viable surface to park vehicles on for temporary or prolonged storage. An epoxy floor makes your garage the perfect place to perform car care in our Columbus, Ohio winters, safe from cold weather and harsh elements.

10. Eco-Friendly

If you are looking for a green flooring option that is also cost-effective, attractive, and strong, epoxy flooring should be your selection for your garage or favorite room!

Although it is a chemical compound, epoxy is an eco-friendly option because it requires few materials and does not need to be replaced continuously. The environment benefits from the reduction in necessary materials and machinery, as other flooring installations require saws for cutting tiles or wood and other machines.

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